2019 – Results of finals

Because of rough conditions in the afternoon, when a stiff north wind was blowing against an incoming tide, it was decided that the course was both unsafe and unfair for double and single sculls. Some of the events for doubles and singles were moved to after the turn of the tide but others had to be cancelled. In some of the cancelled events, heats had been run earlier in the day. In others, the events were cancelled before any of their races had taken place.

Full refunds have been made to all doubles and singles whose racing was cut short – or didn’t even start – because of the cancellations. Some crews from Putney and Hammersmith scratched because they considered conditions to be too rough for them to paddle to the regatta.

The number of crews that raced in each event is shown in brackets. Full results for all heats and finals are available in the pdf document.

Op (2) —Sons of the Thames beat Putney Town easily.
W (2) —Putney Town beat Emanuel School by 2¼ lengths.
J15 (4) —Westminster School beat Latymer Upper School ‘A’ by 1 length..
MasD/E (2) — Quintin beat Kingston by ½ length.

Octuple Sculls
J14 (1) — Kew House School rowed over after their opponent scratched.

Coxless Fours
MasE (2) — Tideway Scullers beat Thames Tradesmen’s by ½ length.

Coxed fours
Op (2) — St George’s Hospital ‘A’ beat Cygnet by 2 lengths
W (2) —St George’s Hospital beat Putney Town by 4 lengths.
J15 (3) — Latymer Upper School ‘A’ beat Latymer Upper School ‘B’ by a canvas, with Kew House School 4 lengths behind.
WJ15 (2) — Kingston beat Streatham and Clapham High School by 4½ lengths.

Coxless quad sculls
J18 (3) —Tideway Scullers beat Westminster School by 1¼ lengths, with Emanuel School 2 lengths behind.
J16 (3) —Team Keane beat Tideway Scullers by 2 lengths, with American School in London easily behind.
WJ16 (3) —Emanuel School beat Kingston by 1¼ lengths, with American School in London 5 lengths behind
MasD/E (3) — Sons of the Thames / Barn Elms beat Twickenham by 4 lengths, with Kingston a canvas behind.
MasF (3) — Tideway Scullers beat Quintin by 1¼ lengths.

Coxed quad sculls
J15 (7) —Emanuel School ‘B’ beat Team Keane by 1½ lengths, with Emanuel School ‘A’ 1¾ lengths behind
J14 (3) —Tiffin School ‘A’ beat Tiffin School ‘B’ by 1½ lengths, with Kew House School 3 lengths behind.
WJ15 (4) —Tideway Scullers beat Team Keane by 1½ lengths
WJ14 (6) —Team Keane ‘A’ beat Emanuel School by 1¼ lengths, with Team Keane ‘B’ 5 lengths behind.

Coxless Pairs
MasF/G (1) — Quintin rowed over after their opponent scratched

Double sculls
W — Event cancelled.
J18 (2) —Thames beat Emanuel School by 1½ lengths.
J15 (5) —Team Keane ‘A’ beat Team Keane ‘B’ by 2 lengths.
WJ18 (1) —Thames sculled over after their opponent scratched.
WJ16 (7) — Tideway Scullers beat Emanuel School ‘A’ by 4¼ lengths
WJ15 — Event cancelled.
MasB/C — Event cancelled.
MasD/E (2) —Bentham beat Kingston by 4½ lengths
MasG/H — Event cancelled.
WMasC (1) —Milton Keynes sculled over after their opponent scratched.

Single sculls
Op (3) — J Wooller (Twickenham) beat P Lee (Thames) by ¼ length, with R Rudesill (American School in London) easily behind.
J18 — Event cancelled.
J16 (9) —J Howell (Team Keane) beat T Jeronimus (Team Keane) by 1¼ lengths.
J15 (3) —B Merriman (Latymer Upper School) beat M Halewood (Tideway Scullers) easily.
J14 — Event cancelled.
WJ16 (2) — H Steven (Thames) beat E Nichols (Kew House School) by 2¼ lengths.
WJ15 (2) — E Tarczy (Tideway Scullers) beat J Kinsley (Kingston) by 3 lengths.
WJ14 — Event cancelled.
MasB/C (2) — S Chiocca (Putney Town) beat C Hayden (Putney Town) by 3 lengths.
MasD — Event cancelled.
MasE — Event cancelled.
MasF — Event cancelled.

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