Saturday 30th April 2022


Course: 1000 metres with the tide

Three-abreast racing when status and tide are suitable

Open • Women • Junior (J14 and above) • Masters (B and older)

All boat types (including octuples)


Parking on site will be only for trailers, towing vehicles and minibuses.


Events and Entries

Expected opening of entries is 12 noon on Friday 1 April

Entries close on Thursday 21 April at 12 noon.

Draw and timetable published by Monday 25 April.

Entry Types

For each boat type, senior entries (i.e. entries that are neither junior nor masters) may be split into two or more bands determined by the ranking indexes of the entries. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each such band.

Two adjacent Masters age classes may be combined to form an event. The handicapping system will be applied to any such combined events.

Any doubling up of boats must be notified.

No competitor or boat may enter more than two events.


Entry Fees

£16 per head (coxes free). Crews withdrawing after the close of entries are still liable for the entry fee.

Pay through BROE2 or send cheque payable to Chiswick Regatta to the Entries Secretary:

Malcolm Cook,
15 Seychelle Court,
Foxgrove Road,




tel: 020 8658 0908 (home phone number – don’t use on regatta day)

Malcolm Cook, Entries Secretary

Mobile for contact on regatta day – 07793532372

Procedure in case the regatta is over-subscribed

If the regatta is over-subscribed, your entry may be rejected. The basis on which this will be done will depend on the entries received but we may:

– reject entries in events with smaller numbers of entries, particularly where crews do not appear to be adequately matched as to enable competitive racing;

– reject entries from single scullers who are doubling up into accepted crew boats and entries from double sculls and pairs that are doubling up into accepted larger boats. This is in order to maximise the number of individual competitors able to race.

– (if we are heavily over-subscribed) limit the number of entries in each event from a single club, prioritising a club’s entries according to the crew letter input into BROE (i.e. A, B etc).

If we have difficulty in accommodating all requests for doubling up, we may reject crews in which there is doubling into more than one other event.

Competitors’ Information

The draw, timetable, competitors’ instructions, course diagrams and safety plan are available for download from this section.

Competitors new to the upper tidal Thames should watch the Port of London Authority video which may be found at

Downloads for the 2022 Regatta

Car Parking

Parking on site will be free for trailers, towing vehicles and minibuses whose registration numbers have been notified in advance to Mark Chatwin at

The parking is policed by ANPR cameras, so any vehicles whose numbers have not been notified will automatically incur a charge from the car park operators.  Access to the site is no longer along Ibis Lane.  Instead you should drive through the gate on Hartington Road marked ‘River Gate’, which is about 50 metres from the junction with the A316.

Vehicles other than trailers, towing vehicles and minibuses will be able to pay to park in the car park.  The rate is £2 for 3 hours.  There is also free parking in the local streets.  People coming to collect crew numbers or to have coxes weighed should note that there is no parking charge for vehicles that arrive and leave within 15 minutes.

As last year, non-local vehicles are not allowed to go northwards over the mini-roundabout at the junction of Hartington Road and Cavendish Road (arrowed on the streetmap). Driving southwards over the mini-roundabout is allowed.  However, in a change since last year, access to Staveley Road and Burlington Lane is now restricted.  If you want to park in Cavendish Road or the roads leading off it you must go northwards up the A316 to the Hogarth Roundabout, west along the A4, left into Sutton Court Road and then via Grove Park Bridge. Don’t park in Ibis Lane, which is a private road. 

Please ensure that all your crews are aware of the parking arrangements.


We will be serving food and drinks to spectators and competitors throughout the day.