2005 Results of finals

S3 — St George’s College beat Sons of the Thames by 2½ lengths
N — St Paul’s School beat Parr’s Priory by ½ length
WS3 — Barnes Bridge Ladies beat Royal University Medical Students by 1⅔ lengths
WS4 — American School in London beat Barnes Bridge Ladies by 1½ lengths
WN — Emanuel School beat St Paul’s Girls School by 1½ lengths
VD — Walbrook beat Thames by 1½ lengths
VE — Tideway Scullers School beat Mortlake Anglian & Alpha by 1 length

Octuple sculls
J14 — Oratory School beat Emanuel School by 3 feet
WJ14— Tideway Scullers School beat Emanuel School by 5 lengths

Coxless fours
S1 — Poplar Blackwall & District beat Lea by canvas
S2 — Poplar Blackwall & District beat Curlew by 1½ lengths

Coxed fours
S2 — St George’s College beat Cygnet by 2¼ lengths
S3 — Lea beat St George’s College by 2 lengths
S4 — Lea beat Medway Towns by 1 length
N — Mortlake Anglian & Alpha beat Curlew ‘B’ by 2 lengths
WS3 — Lea beat HSBC by 4 lengths
WS4 — St Paul’s Girls School beat Lea by 1 length
WN — St George’s College beat Mortlake Anglian & Alpha by canvas
J16 — St George’s College beat Oratory School by 2½ lengths
VC — Thames beat Bewl Bridge by 2/3 length

Coxless quad sculls
VD — Quintin beat Poplar Blackwall & District by 2 lengths
VG — Auriol Kensington / Cygnet beat Quintin by 4 lengths

Coxed quad sculls
J15 — St George’s College beat Magdalen College School by 3 lengths
J14 — Tideway Scullers School beat Oratory School ‘A’ by ½ length
WJ15 — St George’s College beat American School in London, not rowed out

Coxless pairs
S2 — Putney Town beat Quintin by 1 foot
S3 — Poplar Blackwall & District beat Medway Towns by 5 lengths
VD — Walbrook beat Tideway Scullers School by 2 lengths

Double sculls
S2 — Quintin beat Putney Town by 1½ lengths
S3 — St George’s College beat Quintin by 1¼ lengths
WS3 — Poplar Blackwall & District beat Putney Town by 5 lengths
WS4 — Shoreham beat Putney Town easily
J16 — St George’s College beat London Oratory School by ⅔ length
J15 — London Oratory School / Putney Town beat St George’s College by ½ length
WJ14 — Tideway Scullers School beat St George’s College by 2½ lengths
VC — Tideway Scullers School beat Dacre by 5 lengths
VF — Auriol Kensington / Cygnet beat Vesta by 4 lengths
VG — Mortlake Anglian & Alpha beat Tideway Scullers School by ⅓ length

Single sculls
S2 — Dwan (Poplar Blackwall & District) beat Thomas (St George’s College) by 2 lengths
S4 — Hazell (St George’s College) beat Askin (Cygnet) by 1 length
N — Macpherson (Poplar Blackwall & District) beat Cake (Putney Town) by 4 lengths
WN — Paulus (Putney Town) beat Al Janabi (Tideway Scullers School) by ½ length
J16 — Adams (London Oratory School) beat Robinson (Tideway Scullers School) easily
WJ16 — Ogilvie (Tideway Scullers School) beat Colvin (American School in London) by 4 lengths

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